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How long does it take to call me back?

Our service is structured to be able to call you back within half an hour of a contact request. In the most critical moments of the day this time will vary significantly.

Do you need a health card?

The health card is not required when booking, but must be presented at the facility on the day of the appointment.

Do you need a prescription?

A medical prescription is required for any diagnostic exam (Rx, Mammography, CT scan, MOC, MRI) or specialist visit booked in agreement with the national health service. Diagnostic tests in particular private regimes require a medical prescription.

Can I book any visit or diagnostic test?

Yes, it is possible to access any diagnostic examination or specialist visit in agreement with the national health service or in a private regime.

Can I also book visits in agreement?

Yes, it is possible to book any diagnostic examination or specialist visit in agreement with the national health service or in a private regime through the faschim, previmedical, unisalute agreements.

Can I book for other people?

Yes, at the time of booking it is necessary to have all the information of the person for whom the diagnostic examination or specialist visit is being booked: name, surname, tax code, binding where applicable.

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